Branding is the new product

Aug 14, 2020

 The merge of branding and product vision creates powerful tools for startups.

They are businesses like any other. They need customers, partners, collaborators, and community. They want marketing, advertising, and communication strategy. And that is hard enough. But bringing disruptive business to life is even harder. In a world that doesn’t have time for another pitch, how do I convince people to value something that they don’t even understand yet?

 Build it and they will come. Or not.

A vision and a story is everything an entrepreneur needs to get started. Every day, founders across the world create and launch startups with their bare hands and get selected by the best accelerator programs in the world. But once you finally have some funding to scale your business, what’s next?

The right place to start is where you are now. 

Should I find a freelancer that fits my budget and save money for other needs? Or should I go all-in with an agency because the structure will “make sure” it works? Should I create something from scratch or redesign my actual brand? To answer questions like these, keep in mind what you really need: to invest in something that aligns with your goals, delivers a crystal clear novel message and let clients feel a connection with what you do. Not as easy as it sounds, right?

You Gotta Brand New Bag


In the end, branding is the product. 

More than hoping to get attention from a stunning design, having a simple yet consistent branding with the right tone and voice connects your business with the audience and make you stand out from the competition since the very start.

You don’t need to put all your eggs in a single basket and create a complex brand manual covering all the possibilities for the next 10 years. Think about what you need right now and convey it into a tailored and smart brand system that consistently spreads across your startup as it grows.

Above all, find people that’s capable of capturing the essence of your business and crafting a unique visual identity that behaves like the product itself.

Do you want to translate your solution in an effective communication and branding?

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