In order to change the market, deep tech needs to change their marketing

Aug 17, 2020 | 0 comments

While people still struggle to understand what crypto is all about, hundreds of blockchain projects fight for a place under the sun.

 Looking from the perspective of traditional marketing agencies, blockchain is just one more complex technology to explain in simple words. The truth is that blockchain is a fundamentally new way of computing and has so many possibilities that it can paralyze even the more familiarized ones. As it is a pretty new way to handle the network concept, how to effectively convey a straight to the point, simple catchy message? How could design translate the power of the blockchain into ready-to-use products?

 We have a natural attraction to solve this equation. To explain like that intricate correlation of business, technology, and ideas converging to change the world was exactly the problem of our clients since the very beginning. Crypto Design is the work of turning technological ideas into things that could interact with people willing to adopt that technology, which is critical for every deep tech business.  

How to convey this into product design, graphics, illustrations, pitch decks, animations, websites and so on? 

 When you have an idea, the first thing you want is to explain to someone. It seems pretty obvious in your head, but once you try it, you discover that is harder than you thought. You see, you need to sell that idea even before it exists and you failed already. So you draw a representation of what it is about. In the form of a prototype, a logo, a presentation. Whatever materializes it someway to make people see and even taste what you have in mind.

You didn’t even know that problem exists, right? Neither did us until then.

Communicating within the crypto world is different in many regards. It’s not the good ol’ digital marketing at all. Blockchain is not only a new technology, it’s a new kind of business organization and community. It requires new ways to spread the word. Translating a complex technology into visuals concepts requires not only a deep understanding of how blockchains work from inside but still showing the beauty and possibilities of its complexity in a more subjective way.

Not to mention that turning a few lines of code into a decentralized, global deep tech business requires a lot of coordinated hard work. Dealing with different languages and cultures; manage communities across the globe. Make investors patiently happy in a sea of “get rich quick” world. Spread the word in a clear, unique vision. You name it.

In our next post, we’ll explore what it takes for a blockchain to get from scratch to the market.
Stay tuned!

More than help you to build a website, CONTRA can help you to build the strategy behind it. 

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